Google launched its jobs matchmaking service in South Africa in March. Gone are the days of trying to figure out the right search terms to find job adverts on company websites, or finding the same job post on multiple online platforms.

Here is how it works.

Simply type "jobs" or "jobs near me" into the Google search box to get started.

The first page of results now includes a list of available jobs drawn from various job platforms and company websites, filtered by location.

For most cities in South Africa, there are a lot more jobs than are displayed on the search page.

The details page has all-important info on every job – like salary.

It is also where the filtering options are – though Google does not yet recognise such critical South African job categories as "the big boss" or "ghost employee".

Search is available without an account (or using private browser modes to avoid leaving traces in the search history of a work computer) but when signed in to a Google account more functions are available.

Google only aggregates job ads, but if there are multiple postings for the same ad it handily points to all the places it thinks applications can be submitted.

Like other companies, you can also Google for jobs... at Google.

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