• "Where's Waldo" / Where's Wally" is in Google Maps for a week.
  • He'd like us to join him on an "April Fools world tour".
  • The game can be slightly frustrating.

For the rest of the week, Google is bringing "Where's Waldo", or "Where's Wally" as it is known in some parts of the world, to Google Maps.

Users can see Waldo pop up on Android, iOS, and their desktop in his signature red and white strips with an invitation to join him in in "April Fools world tour" – though the game is real enough.

Once you find Waldo on your Maps home screen, tap on him and be transported around the world to begin the search.

The game is interactive and fun. You can't help but feel some childhood nostalgia looking for the much loved Waldo.

It does, however, require some patience – which by level three, at a disorganised PyeongChang Olimpic Stadium, I no longer had. I found three of the other characters, but frustratingly could not move on without finding Waldo too.

There are no hints, so I was stuck in South Korea for a while.

As an adult that was enough for me – but the game can keep kids entertained for hours over the long weekend.

This is the second time in less than a month that Google has incorporated a beloved brand into Maps for a limited time. In early March, users were able to replace the usual turn-by-turn navigation arrow with Nintendo’s Mario — inside a kart, of course.

That was in celebration of Mario Day, but this time it seems like Google just wants to have a bit of April Fools’ Day fun and keep it going for the remainder of the week.

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