Prominent South African YouTuber and Actress Julia
Prominent South African YouTuber and Actress Julia Anastasopoulos as Suzelle in Suzelle DIY (Facebook, Suzelle DIY)

Suzelle DIY’s big break came when the episode of ‘How to Make a Braai Pie’ went viral, Julia Anastasopoulos, the creator and star of Suzelle DIY, says. 

The braai pie episode would go on to be viewed over 1.1 million times on YouTube, leading to 143,000 YouTube subscribers and a Instagram following of close to 17,000. 

From YouTube, Anastasopoulos expanded into television, started her own production company Sketchbook Studios, and stared in her own ShowMax series, Tali’s Wedding.

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She started Suzelle DIY as a natural outflow of her interest in DIY, she says. 

“We were inspired by the unusual and weird characters that you’d find on YouTube who were demonstrating how to make stuff,” Anastasopoulos told Business Insider South Africa. 

Initially she kept her name off the credits to ensure viewers believed Suzelle was real. 

She gave Business Insider South Africa her top four tips on being successful on YouTube. 

Love what you make.

“Youtube is a long-term commitment and ongoing project,” Anastasopoulos says.

People should always produce content they are passionate and excited about. 

Have patience.

Anastasopoulos said she gained recognition only after her Braai Pie video - the eleventh video she produced - went viral. “I think people expect to go viral instantly and when they don’t they stop,” she said. “It’s important to keep making content because you keep learning and your content improves.” 

Be consistent.

“In order to entertain your audience and keep them engaged it is best to make a weekly date with them,” Anastasopoulos says.

“Weekly uploads are the way to go.”  

Listen to your audience.

Analytics are there for a reason, Anastasopoulos says. Creators should closely examine their audience’s likes, dislikes, and comments.

“If you see one of your videos have more views and comments than another it almost always means that this is what your audience wants to see more of.” 

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