• You can apply for benefits from the UIF, including unemployment benefits, reduced time benefits, maternity benefits, illness benefits, and adoption benefits.
  • Here's a step-by-step process to apply for unemployment benefits amid job losses in South Africa. 
  • About 27,000 full-time jobs have been lost from March to June this year, with 59,000 being lost in part-time employment in the same period, according to Stats SA. 
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With South Africa's unemployment rate having reached a record high further exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic and recent KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng unrest, former employees can get financial assistance by applying for UIF unemployment benefits online.

According to Stats SA's Quarterly Employment Statistics released on Tuesday, September 28, total employment dropped by 86,000, from 9.65 million in March 2021 to 9.57 in June 2021. This was caused by job losses in construction, electricity, and business services.

Full time employment, on the other hand, decreased by 27,000 from 8.6 million in March 2021 to around 8.57 million in June this year.

This is largely attributed to a job decrease in business services, manufacturing, construction, trade, electricity, and transport.

Part-time employment also went down by 59,000 from over one million in March 2021 to 991,000 in June 2021 due to decreases in the community services industry.

With no salary coming in every month, those who have lost their jobs through retrenchment, contract expiration, or if their employer is bankrupt can claim for unemployment benefits.  

They will only qualify if they had been previously contributing to the UIF through their employer while still employed.  

Here's how to apply for UIF's unemployment benefits:

Instead of visiting the Department of Labour, you can submit documents via the UIF's eFilling website and apply for the benefit you need.  

Claims include unemployment benefits, reduced time benefits, maternity benefits, illness benefits, and adoption benefits.

The first step is to first register in order to activate your eFilling account.

Applying for unemployment benefits

Step 1

Click on "Benefit Application and Payments" on the left, and then click on "Apply for Benefits".

UIF Step 1

Step 2

Select which type of Benefit you want to apply for, and click on "Apply" in the bottom right corner.

uif benefits

Step 3

You must accept the terms and conditions to proceed: check the tick box and click on "Next".

UIF Step 3

Step 4

Verify your bank details and click on "Next" to continue or click on "Banking Details Incorrect?".

Step 4 UIF

Bank details may only be captured once on the eFilling system, to update new bank details, download the UI2.8 Form from the Department of Labour website (www.labour.gov.za).

One portion of the UI2.8 Form must be completed by your bank and the other portion by you. Email the completed UI2.8 Form and your contact details to VOsupport@labour.gov.za

Step 5

Confirm or update your personal details, including physical and postal addresses and click on "Next".

UIF Step 5

Step 6

Complete the information related to your occupation and qualifications, and click on "Next".

UIF Step 6

Step 7

Update your work seeker information and click on "Submit" when you are done to send your application to the UIF. You will receive a confirmation message if your application was successfully submitted.

UIF: the final step

Click on the filling system guide for more information on declined applications and to lodge a notice of appeal.

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