A lot has happened since we last looked at Huawei's evolving AppGallery. Take a look!
  • The Huawei P40 series have been available in South Africa since the 1st of June.  
  • Alongside Huawei Mobile Services, the P40 series also sport the new and improved AppGallery. 
  • In a short span of two years, AppGallery has evolved into a fully-fledged app distribution platform with many popular apps like Takealot, Showmax, Zapper, Snapscan, Mango, Makro and TikTok. 
  • With global developers hard at work to create new apps, the best is yet to come for AppGallery. 

Many a person and a meme have coined 2020 as a write off. With lockdowns keeping global populations homebound, not much has happened this year other than Covid-19. One silver lining for the tech community in South Africa, however, was the launch of the Huawei P40 series.   

Huawei unleashed its P40 series to South Africa in the middle of lockdown. Besides having a first-of-a-kind virtual launch in June and sporting beautiful designs, the P40 series stands out for another unique feature: the AppGallery 

AppGallery is Huawei’s official app distribution platform and is the most significant offering in the Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) ecosystem. Since its global launch in April 2018, AppGallery has been serving more than 400 million global monthly active users in more than 170 countries and regions. Not too bad considering it took other tech titans almost a decade to build a similar user base.  

But a lot has contributed to the successful evolution of AppGallery over the last two years since Huawei’s move from Google Mobile Services to HMS. A major catalyst was Huawei’s open incentive to developers to build innovative apps and Huawei not charging developers 30% of all transactions as Apple would. These opportunities gave and still gives developers a chance to showcase their talents on their own terms.  

“By going the HMS route, we have a vast number of new users across the globe and in South Africa too. This creates a great case for developers to say that ‘I can now monetise this and reach these consumers’,” according to Akhram Mohamed, Huawei Mobile South Africa CTO. 

This year, the Huawei HMS App Innovation Contest also aims to inspire global developers to leverage HMS open capabilities to create innovative apps that bring smart life services to Huawei users across the world. The competition, which launched in June, is open to developers from Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Latin America, China and Europe and submissions are accepted until the 30th of August. Partnering with independent developers and young talent across the world was probably one of the best things that Huawei could have done for their app distribution platform. 

Today, there are more than 45000 apps on AppGallery. Popular international apps that are already available include Deezer, Lufthansa, TikTok, Tinder, AA, JD Sports, Zapper, Snapscan, Adidas,, Viber and Opera. South African companies like Takealot, Showmax, DSTV, Mango, Travelstart, Makro, Absa and Standard Bank all have apps on the store too. 

Both the Huawei P40 Lite and P40 Pro have been available in South African stores since the 1st of June and sport the AppGallery. With the strong innovative trajectory that the AppGallery is on, the best is yet to come for this advanced platform as it continues to grow from strength to strength.  

This post was sponsored by Huawei and produced by BrandStudio24.