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  • TelkomOne, the new service in partnership with the SABC, will cost R49 per month for premium access.
  • That is half the price of Netflix's cheapest SA package, and right in line with the cheapest Showmax option.
  • But Telkom is bundling streaming data with that.
  • Here's what you can expect from the SABC and Telkom's new streaming site.
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Telkom and the SABC on Monday unveiled a new streaming service that seems likely to attract those looking for local TV shows, movies, and music – at half the price of Netflix.

TelkomOne is specifically aimed at competing with the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime, while the SABC explores its own streaming platform options. The SABC recently bemoaned dire financial losses resulting from those global streaming services’ popularity in South Africa, and drew ire by alluding to plans to make them co-responsible for TV licence payments.

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The new platform, which has promised a focus on local content, has both a free-to-view option (centred on SABC stations), and a premium package referred to as AMP.

On the TelkomeOne "free zone" you can tune into more than 20 SABC radio stations, access some of the broadcaster's archives, and access TV stations SABC 1 and 2.

The paid-for AMP packages bundle Telkom data for streaming with access to the video to stream. They come in four flavours:

  • R7 a day, with 90MB of data
  • R17 for the weekend, with 360MB of data
  • R19 for the week, with 720MB of data
  • R49 for the month, with 1,800MB of data

All AMP options offer an extended list of channels and include catch-up functionality, and there is a video-on-demand option on the app. AMP users can record their favourite shows through a NextPVR (NPVR) interface.

Even ignoring the streaming data packaged with TelkomOne AMP, the service is half the price of Netflix in South Africa, where prices start at R99 per month, and go as high as R169 per month – for access that includes all of Netflix's high-profile original shows.

Showmax makes for a closer comparison, with a mobile plan at R49 per month. While limited to one device, that Showmax option includes access to a much bigger selection of international content.

In October Telkom launched a search for “mobivelas” – soap operas for mobilephones, with a melodramatic storyline and permanent cast – for TelkomOne.

It also wants comedy videos, as well as lifestyle shows, which could cover cooking, travel, exercise or edutainment.

“The deciding factor will be the content producer’s ability to provide good escapism to viewers looking to be inspired and entertained,” Telkom said.

(Compiled by Luke Daniel)

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