(Instagram, @seattlecoffeeco)
(Instagram, @seattlecoffeeco)
  • South Africa has the world’s 57th most expensive cappuccino, a new index found. 
  • Denmark has the world’s most expensive cappuccino, and Tunisia the cheapest. 
  • The average adult South African consumes 83 cups of coffee a year. 

South African cappuccinos are three times cheaper than those sold in Denmark, but more expensive than those sold in Portugal, new data from Numbeo found.

The Cappuccino Index from Numbeo - the world’s largest user-generated database of consumer data - found that a cappuccino costs, on average, R25.09 in South Africa compared to R75.77 in Denmark.

Denmark is the most expensive country to buy a cappuccino. 

The cheapest cappuccino in the index costs R8.13, in Tunisia.  

South Africa had the 57th most expensive cappuccino out of 86 countries which featured in the index. 

Qatar had the second most expensive cappuccino at R68.72, followed by Norway at R66.33, and the United Arab Emirates at R65.90. 

The cost of cappuccino prices around the world, according to Numbeo: 

A comparison by 24/7 Wall Street for USAToday in 2018 found that the average adult South African consumes roughly 83 cups of coffee per year.

The country, however, has a bigger affinity to tea - South Africa is the world’s eleventh biggest consumer of tea.

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