This is officially what the new iPhone Xs will cost in South Africa - R5,000 more than the Samsung Note 9

Business Insider SA
  • The new Apple iPhone Xs will start from R22,000 in South Africa – and the iPhone Xs Max will set you back R24,000.
  • This makes the iPhone Xs R5,000 than the Samsung Note 9 with the same amount of storage.
  • iPhone preorders open in South Africa on Friday, and the phones will be be available from September 28. 

Prices for the new Apple iPhone Xs will start at R22,000 in South Africa – R5,000 more than its main competitor, the Samsung Note 9 – iStore revealed on Thursday.

The new line of Apple phones will officially be available in the country from September 28. 

The new iPhone Xs, with improved battery life, and water resistance, will cost R22,000 for the 64GB version, R25,000 for the 256GB version, and R30,000 for the 512GB version. 

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The new prices are R1,500 more than the starting prices of the previous iPhone X in South Africa a year ago.

In the US, the iPhone Xs 64GB retails for $999 – which is around R14,400 at today’s currency rates. This means the same phone costs R7,600 more in South Africa than in the US, not a great deal more than a return flight to New York.

Prices for the larger iPhone Xs Max, with a 16.5cm screen, start at R24,000 for the 64GB version, R27,000 for the 256GB version, and top out at a whopping R32,000 for the 512GB version. 

Prices for the cheaper iPhone XR, expected in South Africa on October 26, have not yet been released. 

The new iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max (supplied)

Both the iPhone Xs and Xs Max can be pre-ordered by directly visiting iStore South Africa’s website from September 21. 

It can also be bought on FNB credit cards starting from R689 per month for iPhone Xs 64GB, and R755 for the iPhone Xs Max. The iPhone Xs 256GB version is available for R785 per month, and the Xs 256GB R849. 

At the launch of the iPhone XS alongside the new Apple Watch at Apple’s headquarters in California on September 12, Apple’s chief design officer Jony Ive said the new phones are the company's “uncompromised vision for the future.”

He said the phones’ screens offer better colour precision, a faster camera with 4K abilities, and a more accurate Facial ID to unlock the phone.