"Game of Thrones."
Helen Sloan/HBO
  • Statistics South Africa compiled a price index that tracks Game of Thrones essentials since the first season.
  • The price of wine and televisions increased by more than 35%.
  • Game of Thrones is available to view on DStv right now.

A lot has changed since the ultra-popular HBO series Game of Thrones was released eight years ago.

Starting with the way we watch it: few would have imagined that they would end up watching the final season on their smartphones or tablets, via DStv Now or Showmax. 

The first episode of Game of Thrones season 8 is now available to stream on DStv Now - it will be broadcast on Mnet channel 101 at 22:00, and will be available on Showmax from the same time.

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As an estimated one billion people tune into the last season, Statistics South Africa also got swept up by the frenzy, and released a new index that tracks the prices of "essentials" for Game of Thrones viewing since 2011.

Wine - 36.6% more expensive

DStv decoder - 19.3% cheaper

Televisions - 43.5% more expensive

Blankets - 17.3% more expensive

Tissues - 13% more expensive

Axes, swords, crowns, dragons - unindexed

Statistics South Africa says it currently does not include these items in its inflation basket.