• More than 70 people were set on fire during a record-breaking "Game of Thrones" scene.
  • Real fire was used and they remained on fire for almost 15 seconds.
  • Watch the video to see how the stunt crew got it right. 

In 2017 "Game of Thrones" set a world record during their seventh season for the most stunt people on fire in one shot. And it looks like it hurt. A lot.

Stunt coordinator Rowley Irlam and his team set 20 stunt people on fire for a single shot. And 73 stunt performers were set on fire throughout the scene. 

It turns out, this is often done with real fire, not visual effects. Fire and water are some of the hardest things to create in CGI. And stunt performers bring a unique take to each scene.

Game of Thrones. Business Insider

But how do stunt people actually get set on fire? Doesn't it hurt?

Business Insider spoke with Irlam to find out what it takes to safely set someone on fire. Turns out it's a lot more complex than we thought. 

Irlam's worked on films like "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows."

In order to keep stunt performers safe, Rowley and his team count out loud to let them know how much time is left. They remain on fire for no more than 15 seconds.

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