South Africa’s petrol prices increased to a record-breaking R17.08 inland this week – up from R9.41 in October 2008. And at the coast, a litre petrol will cost you R16.49 compared to R9.17 ten years ago.

The good news is that vehicles tend to generally use less fuel today than ten years ago, says Sergio Davids, editor of Wheels24, in part thanks to a global push for greener technology.

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Ultimately, though, drivers have a huge impact.

“Accelerating heavily between traffic lights, and using gears inefficiently are all factors that will push up fuel consumption,” Davids told Business Insider South Africa.

He said certain vehicles such as sports cars are, by design, a heavy fuel user because it seeks to give the user maximum performance.

“Cars such as SUV’s, 4x4’s and bakkies will typically still be fuel guzzlers because it takes a lot of petrol to get it moving.”

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Business Insider South Africa compared the distances some of the most popular vehicles in South Africa can travel on a R100 worth of petrol now, compared to 10 years ago.

Distances are based on the 10.63 litres petrol R100 could buy you in 2008 inland, and the 5.85-litre petrol R100 can buy you today, divided by the vehicle’s official fuel consumption numbers.

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