A little more than one full chicken, plus chips and rolls, for R150 – if you get there early enough.
  • Nando's is selling quarter-chicken meals (minus a drink) for R30 until the end of July.
  • That's a solid 30% discount – and it is proving to be popular.
  • Which is why you'll want to get in the queue early. 

Until the end of the month Nando's is offering a quarter chicken with chips and a roll for R30.

Add in a can of cool drink – at a not-so-special price of R18 – and that makes for a 30% discount on a meal with a normal list price of R67.

That has proven a very attractive offer, especially at the cash-flush start of the month, and our investigations showed that entire offices and retail teams were buying the special as a group.

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Nokthula Mabuza and Pat Maluka ready with their trollies to buy 21 meals for their colleagues.

Vee Vilakazi and Jabu Mabena, who were hoping to buy 12 Nando's meals for themselves and their team.

Word is also spreading online.

And therein lies the catch: there are only 100 specials available per day, per store.

To spread things out a bit, Nando's limits specials to four per customer, and we watched tellers turn away attempts to buy up to 21 at a time. But even so, that 100 sells out pretty quick, well before lunch time in stores we polled.

Nando's initially started the special as a way of gifting their loyal customers on their 30th birthday.

"This year we just thought to do it all over again," says Su-lise Tessendorf-Louw, Nando's general manager of brand and strategy IMEA.

And why are they doing this?

"Because Mzanzi needs fuel to keep fixing our sh*t," she says. 30% is, for Tessendorf-Louw, a good bargain.

"And judging from the feedback from everyone, they think so too."

The special runs until the end of July.

UPDATE: *This article as been updated to include comment from Nando's.

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