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Google’s mini personal websites just went live in SA – and they can help you get a job

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Google People Card jobs
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  • People Cards are name-specific information blocks which are prominently displayed through Google’s search engine.
  • This tool aims to boost a user’s online presence and is the quickest way for job hunters to ensure they’re seen on the internet.
  • All you need to get started is a smartphone or tablet and a Google account.
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Google has launched its People Card feature in South Africa, which can help influencers, entrepreneurs and job hunters to boost their online presence. The initiative, introduced to South Africa this week, allows Google account holders to create their own personalised information cards which hold prime search engine positions.

While entrepreneurs and influencers use People Cards to further their digital reach, for job hunters, Google’s latest search function has the potential to revolutionise the distribution of CVs and work portfolios.

The vast majority of companies will run prospective employees’ names through Google search, according to multiple surveys conducted by international HR experts. Accordingly, having one of these profile blocks - which you curate yourself - can help building an accessible and clean online presence. 

With Google’s People Cards, which was first launched in India in August 2020, your profile (which you can create yourself and typically includes a short biography, your current job title and social media handles) will appear directly in Google search results. 

How to create your own profile

To create a card, you’ll need a Google account and a smartphone or tablet.

For now, the function is restricted to mobile use in South Africa.

Once an account has been set up, users can create a People Card by searching their names through the Google Search app. Alternatively, users can also search for ‘add me to Google’ or ‘edit my people card’ which will direct account holders to a ‘get started’ page.

Users will need to add their basic personal information, with required fields including name, location, about and profession. Google’s People Card also allows users to create lists according to work, education, hometown, website, and social profiles. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SoundCloud and YouTube are all compatible.

Google automatically completes the email and phone number fields, but users have the option of restricting the visibility of this information.

Users who include detailed personal information and integrate other online accounts are more likely to rank highly when their names are searched.

Google advises users setting up People Cards to use the name they are most commonly referred to by and, if the name is shared with someone already famous, to add a distinguishable term in relation to their specific profession.

People Cards are not instantly registered through Google’s search engine and may take a few hours to appear.

Google warns that People Cards which attempt to mislead searchers, by falsifying identities, or promote hate speech will be permanently removed from the search function.

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