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  • Businesses around the world need to adapt to a new virtual normal amid the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Remote access solutions are going to be vital to the survival of many companies.
  • Aruba offers unique solutions for business continuity. 

As the world responds to the Covid-19 pandemic with strict lockdown measures, the financial stability of businesses across the board are tested. In South Africa, many businesses have either had to close shop for the past month or rapidly adapt to a new virtual normal. And while the latter is preferred, many companies in South Africa are still ill equipped to operate remotely.   

“Many of us are unable to go to our primary workplace at this time,” says Keerti Melkote, Founder of Aruba Networks. “As IT professionals, network professionals and those who can keep our communities connected, we we are being asked to take the networks that we’ve put in place at workplaces, schools, retails stores and hospitals and extend them to remote sites.”

Whether that means extending hospitals into parking lots of supporting drive-through pick-up spots for groceries or enhancing infrastructure for online-learning, companies like Aruba have seen contingency planning as an emerging priority for many communities amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Similarly, Keerti adds they are seeing a huge surge in the demand for work-from-home solutions.

To support healthcare providers, teachers and students, and the huge number people working from home, Aruba is committed to maintaining business continuity in these challenging times.

Why is contingency planning essential for business continuity?

Businesses cannot afford to shut down in response to man-made incidents, natural disasters, or pandemics, so contingency planning is essential to ensure business continuity. By providing a versatile remote networking solution, IT can securely extend the corporate enterprise network at lower cost and massive scale to easily overcome the complexity that makes traditional remote networking options unfit for wide-scale business continuity applications.

What is Aruba’s solution for remote working?

Aruba’s proven Remote Access Solutions for business continuity deliver a seamless user experience, robust and secure connectivity, and comprehensive cloud or on premises IT management platforms to quickly respond and recover when a major disruption to business as usual occurs. Some of Aruba’s unique capabilities include seamless application access; resilient WAN connectivity; always-on connectivity; zero-touch provisioning; regulatory compliance; and centralised management.

From an office for one to thousands of satellite offices, Aruba’s solution itself is also massively scalable and economical. Mobility Controllers act as VPN concentrators and scale to support over 2,000 RAPs per controller.

How can your business benefit from Aruba’s solutions in South Africa?

To get access to Aruba’s Remote Access Solutions, South African businesses can get in contact with Tarsus Distribution. Tarsus Distribution distributes the world's leading IT hardware, software, enterprise and security brands to the Southern African partner reseller channel. Not only does Tarsus Distribution provide excellent service and world-class logistics, it is also committed to the development of the partner reseller community and its skills.

Tarsus is uniquely positioned to meet the channel's needs for credit funding, stock availability and efficient logistics to ensure that partner resellers are able to deliver the best possible service, support and overall solutions to their end user customer base at the lowest possible cost.

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