The hammerhead shark trying to take the tarpon fish.

  • Fisherman Rob Gorta came face-to-face with a hammerhead shark as he reeled in a 80-kilogram tarpon fish off the coast of Anna Maria Island just south of St. Petersburg, Florida.
  • The fisherman and fishing guide from Tampa Bay told WFTS that just as he was pulling the fish on to the boat, "a monster hammerhead just took it" right out of his hands.
  • Gorta estimated that the shark was about 4 metres long and weighed over 500 kilograms.
  • He said he and his crew tried to unhook the tarpon fish to give it a chance to escape, but the shark ultimately scarfed it down.
  • He filmed the dramatic tug-of-war on his GoPro and posted it on YouTube on Thursday, where it's garnered more than 200,000 views.
  • Watch the entire wild ordeal below.
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