Virgin Group founder Richard Branson inspecting Virgin Active South Africa's water saving initiatives with Managing Director Ross Faragher-Thomas.
  • The day taps run dry in Cape Town is now expected to come on 9 July.
  • Portable toilets are planned where alternative sources of water are not available.
  • Gym staff will get their own special water deliveries to make sure clubs stay open.

If Cape Town runs out of water in the middle of this year, the country's largest fitness group plans to introduce portable toilets to keep gym doors open.

Since May 2017, Virgin Active South Africa has reduced its water consumption by more than half across its 88 clubs around the country. It is now setting up storage for up to 20,000 litres of drinking water per club.

But if all else fails, it will plans to move over to portable loos. 

"We have secured sufficient portable toilets for member use and arranged the delivery of drinking water for staff to ensure our clubs remain open," Virgin Active South Africa's managing director Ross Faragher-Thomas told Business Insider South Africa. 

Day Zero, when Capetonians will have to queue for water from central points, is currently expected to arrive on July 9.  

The group has switched off saunas and steam rooms, which saves 660,000 litres of water per month. It is also collecting condensate from air conditioners to fill pools, and has installed waterless urinals.

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