• A group of fisherman were competing in a tournament about 50 kilometres off the coast of New Jersey on Monday when they had a rare run-in with a massive 5-metre-long great white shark.
  • The shark, which boat owner Jeff Crilly estimated was about 900 kilograms, swam up to their boat and stole a bag of chum they had been using as bait before swimming off.
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A group of fisherman caught the moment a massive 900-kilogram great white shark swam up to their boat and ripped away their chum bag.

The six fisherman on the boat named Big Nuts Required II were competing in a tournament about 50 kilometres off the coast of New Jersey on Monday when they encountered the 5-metre-long great white.

While it's not rare to spot great white sharks in the area, captain Jeff Crilly told the Asbury Park Press he had "never seen anything like that".

It was a meta encounter for Crilly, 31, who has a tattoo inspired by the movie "Jaws" on his forearm. Crilly estimates that the shark was more than half the size of his boat.

"I think it could've easily, if it wanted to, slid into the boat," Crilly told CBS News York. "It was like being in the movie 'Jaws.' That's the closest thing to it. Like, this is exactly what it was."

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The encounter only lasted a few minutes, and came at the end of a 13-hour day on the ocean. After spotting the great white in the distance, the crew stopped cleaning up and pulled out their phones to start filming.

"We were on our way of clearing everything up, ready to go home, and then we just saw the shadow come up and we were like 'What is that,' and so we just stuck it out and it gave us a show," fisherman Scott Crilly told WPVI.

After snatching the crew's chum bag and biting the stern a bit, the shark swam off.

"We've been fishing together for 15 years, and it was the best moment probably we'll have ever on the water," fisherman Raymond Kerico told CBS News York.

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