Gordon Ramsay recently showed off one of the dinners he's made for his son Oscar.
  • Gordon Ramsay recently filmed himself making dinner for his toddler son Oscar. 
  • Ramsay whipped up sweet potato mash, baked beans, and pork sausages. 
  • He arranged the ingredients into a smiley face, which he enthusiastically presented to his son.
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Gordon Ramsay is known for serving up incredible foods at his many restaurants, but the "MasterChef" star puts just as much effort into the meals he cooks at home

Ramsay recently shared a video of himself making dinner for his 21-month-old son Oscar, complete with proper fine-dining plating skills. 

"Last night at Chez Ramsay," he wrote in the caption. "The only VIP customer last night was at table High Chair 1 @oscarjramsay!" 

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On the menu is a "beautiful sweet potato mash, finished with a touch of olive oil," Ramsay begins to explain in the clip.

"Here we've got the most amazing haricot blanc - basic English baked beans," he adds. "And there we have the beautiful pork sausages." 

Ramsay shared a video of himself making Oscar's dinner on Instagram.

After showing off all the elements, Ramsay begins to expertly plate the meal. 

First he uses two spoons to create the perfect dollops of sweet potato mash for the plate, revealing that they would be the eyes of a smiley face.

Ramsay then bends one of the sausages to make the mouth, and uses the baked beans to create a nose and eyebrows. 

The dish included sweet potato mash and a pork sausage.

"Coming now Oscar!" he yells out to his son after one of his daughters brings the toddler into the kitchen. "There we go, my son. Now that, that's beautiful."  

As Ramsay shows off his hard work, he turns to the camera and jokes: "Lockdown is driving me crazy!"

Not all of Ramsay's kids are as enthusiastic about his cooking

Ramsay may have multiple Michelin stars to his name, but his 19-year-old daughter Tilly recently revealed in a TikTok video that she actually prefers her mom's cooking instead

Tana Ramsay is a bestselling author who has published six cookbooks geared towards families looking for simple and delicious meals.

Ramsay proudly presented the dish to Oscar.

But Oscar might be Ramsay's only hope of having one of his children follow in his footsteps. 

"Oscar, in my mind, is my last hope of getting anyone into the industry," Ramsay told Jimmy Fallon in January. "Our eldest daughter is working in PR, Holly - our middle daughter - is doing fashion. Tilly is taking a gap year, Jack has become a Royal Marine. Everyone's left the nest and nobody wants to cook." 

Ramsay said he hopes that by refining Oscar's palate now, he may just sway his son to a life in the kitchen.

"He starts off with beautiful oatmeal in the morning with caramelized banana," Ramsay told Fallon. "I'll do him a little light scrambled egg on toast for lunch, and then for dinner tonight he had a roasted butternut squash soup!" 

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