(screenshot, Google)
(screenshot, Google)
  • Google South Africa revealed what questions were most popular among South Africans over the past decade. 
  • The top question concerned making slime.
  • Roughly half of the South African population has access to the internet.
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The question most frequently Googled over the past decade in South Africa was ‘how to make slime’.

Since 2017, making home-made slime was a massively popular craze among children across the world

Other notable most-asked questions include ‘how to get rid of belly fat’, ‘how to create an email’ and ‘where am I’. 

The ten most popular questions South Africans asked on Google the past decade are:

  1. How to make slime?

  2. Why were cornflakes invented? [Presumably this has to do with the factoid that John Harvey Kellogg invented cornflakes in 1878 as a “healthy, ready-to-eat anti-masturbatory morning meal”.]

  3. How to get rid of belly fat?

  4. How to lose weight in 3 days?

  5. Where am I?

  6. How many weeks in a year?

  7. How to create an email?

  8. How to grow hair fast?

  9. What is depression?

  10. How to draw eyebrows?

Looking at 2019 alone, the report showed that six were directly related to events in South Africa. 

These include ‘how many votes for a seat in parliament’ in relation to the national elections, ‘how long is a rugby match’ when the Springboks played in the Rugby World Cup, and ‘what is Bosasa’ presumably in relation to the death of Bosasa founder Gavin Watson. 

The ten questions South Africans most asked on Google in 2019 are:

  1. Why were cornflakes invented? 

  2. What time is the rugby world cup final?

  3. How many votes for a seat in parliament?

  4. How did Cameron Boyce die? [Boyce was a child actor in the US]

  5. How long is a rugby match?

  6. What is Bosasa? [The corruption-accused facilities management and security company.]

  7. What time do voting stations open?

  8. Who won the election in South Africa?

  9. What is media?

  10. What is teenage pregnancy? 

There are an estimated 31 million internet users in South Africa, or roughly 54% of the overall population has access to the internet.

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