There's a new tennis Easter egg in honor of Wimbledon.
Google/Lisa Eadicicco
  • Google hid a tennis mini-game in its search engine in honour of the Wimbledon tournament.
  • You can launch the game by typing "Wimbledon" in the search box and looking for the little green tennis ball.
  • It's one of many mini-games Google has added to its search engine over the years.
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Google is known hiding games in its search engine, and its latest Easter egg is a special treat for tennis fans.

In honour of the Wimbledon tournament, which runs through July 14, Google has added a miniature tennis game to the results it displays when typing in "Wimbledon" as a search query.

After typing in "Wimbledon," look for the small tennis ball in the search results box next to the "Mixed Doubles" option. This should come up whether you're searching on the desktop or on a mobile device, both in a web browser or in Google's app.

Then, tap or click the tennis ball icon to start the game. When playing on the desktop, you'll use the keyboard's arrow buttons to move your character from left to right. On a mobile device, you can play the game just by dragging your character on screen.

The game's characters vary, usually taking the form of an animal, a robot, or an astronaut. But Google also hid a nod to its Android software in the game, as sometimes your character or opponent will appear as the small green robot mascot.

After Wimbledon is over, the game will still appear in results when searching for queries like "Wimbledon 2019 scores," according to Google. It's also available when looking for tournaments in years past too, such as when searching for scores from last year's Wimbledon tournament. And it's not limited to Wimbledon, as the company says it will be available for other large tournaments that have both a men's and women's bracket and mixed doubles.

It's far from being the first time Google has hidden a mini-game in its search engine. It frequently adds games based on current events and anniversaries to its Google Doodles, such as the barbecue-themed baseball game it recently launched for July 4.

The search giant has also hidden some classic video games into its search engine, like "Atari Breakout" and "Pac-Man." You can pull up either of these games just by typing the titles into Google's search engine, although you must navigate to the images tab to play "Breakout." And of course, there's the beloved dinosaur game that appears in Chrome when there's no internet connection available.

Type in "Wimbledon" in Google Search to try it out for yourself. Although the game itself is simple, it gets difficult pretty quickly.

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