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  • Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter are collaborating on an open-source project that will make it easier to transfer your data between websites.
  • Files like contacts, photos, mail, calendars, and tasks will be able to be transferred between platforms, without needing to download them and re-upload them to another site.
  • The code for the project is open-source, and is available for the public to view on GitHub. 

Soon it will be easier to transfer your files between certain websites without having to download and re-upload them.

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter are collaborating on a project that will allow users to directly transfer files like contacts, photos, mail, tasks, and calendars between websites.

Usually, that process would require downloading the files, and then manually uploading them to the other service. This project would replace that process, and would theoretically make it quicker and easier to transfer files. 

The project, called the Data Transfer Project, is open-source, meaning the code is open to be viewed by the public, and can be found on GitHub

The data will be encrypted during the transfer, which is intended to make the process secure and to keep your data safe — something that's essential during a time of heightened concern around tech companies and their handling of sensitive data. 

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