• Goldman Sachs president David Solomon, who is an electronic dance music DJ in his spare time, released his first single in early June.
  • Available on Spotify and Apple Music under Solomon's DJ name, D-Sol, "Don't Stop" is a remix of the popular Fleetwood Mac song. 

Goldman Sachs' resident DJ may just have the song of the summer.

David Solomon, the bank's president and part-time electronic dance music mix master, released his first single in early June, called "Don't Stop," Business Insider has learned. Available on Spotify and Apple Music under the name D-Sol, the tune is a dance remix of the popular song first released by Fleetwood Mac in 1977.

Spotify has already put the song into three of its mixes, including "Happy Summer Beats" and "Fresh Electronic."

"Don't Stop" was produced by Crowd Records, a New York-based electronic-music label whose other artists include Disco Killerz, Filthy Rich, and Solomon's pal Liquid Todd.

D-Sol has over 425,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

First uncovered by The New York Times last year, the side gig of the heir apparent to CEO Lloyd Blankfein has remained a hot topic within Goldman. Solomon hasn't shied away from the hobby, reportedly using it as a way to win the Spotify initial public offering and speaking about it publicly on many occasions. He also recently travelled to Stockholm to speak at a Spotify conference.

On an episode of the podcast "Exchanges at Goldman Sachs," Solomon described himself as a lifelong audiophile intrigued by the modern music industry.

"Five, seven years ago, I started really kind of taking note of club and EDM music and what was happening with all the electronic music,'' Solomon said. "I said, 'You know, I like some of this music,' and started playing around with it, started reading about these DJs that really had these incredible platforms."

He added: "Kind of stumbled into it as a hobby, and now I just do it for fun."

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