A monitor lizard pictured near the 3rd tee box during the first round of the Thailand Open at the Thai Country Club
Paul Lakatos/Asian Tour via Getty Images

  • This isn't Godzilla vs. Kong - it's just a hungry, 1.8-metre long monitor lizard hanging out at a supermarket.
  • The lizard raided 7/11 in Thailand this week, clambering onto a shelf of products and knocking over food packets on its way up.
  • It was seemingly oblivious to the screams of shocked customers, and perched itself atop the shelf, surveying the store for food and basking under the warmth of the ceiling lights.
  • A woman can be heard screaming in the video, "Is he hungry? Does he want to eat?" while other employees panicked about how the "shelves were ruined."
  • Facebook user Jejene Narumpa first uploaded the video, which has been shared around 5,700 times.
  • According to USA today, the lizard had emerged from a nearby canal and decided to pop to the shops in search of some tasty treats.
  • Animal control in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand, where the incident took place, tranquilised the monitor lizard and returned it safely to the wild.
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