Residents of Stockholm, Sweden, now have the chance to take part in "goat yoga"', practising their positions in a park as the animals wander around them and relax at their feet.

The class was set up by Malin Tyren Bakken, who first heard about goat yoga when visiting family in New York. She started the classes in summer 2018 in Lidingo in Stockholm, where she keeps several dozen goats.

Up to 20 or so people attend the classes, which take place in a paddock and will continue during the winter.

Also referred to as “goga”, celebrities like Khloe Kardashian, Kevin Hart, and Sophie Turner have taken a liking to it.

The trend started in 2016 when Lainey Morse, asked people people to pay around R500 to attend her sessions in a barn with goats.

The idea was to fuse relaxation techniques with the mind and body practice. This is achieved when the goats’ hooves provide a bit of a massage as they move along your body, trying to maintain their balance, reports Health24.  

Compiled by Jay Caboz

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