The UK newspaper The Sun reports that a UK man promised his girlfriend a “spa weekend” for Valentine’s Day - instead he took her on a tour of nine Spar shops in the Birmingham area.

“If you say you are going on a spa weekend everyone thinks s-p-a. But I thought it would be funny to go on a Spar weekend,” David Burrows told The Sun.

His partner Sue Pakey (44) only got suspicious once they stopped at the second Spar on the two-hour tour.

Burrows said: “I thought it would be funny. I did buy her something in each one, I’m not a total monster.”

He insisted on taking selfies outside each store.

Almost unbelievably,  the couple are reportedly still together.

Burrows did take her out for dinner to make up for the prank, but Pakey has sworn revenge, according to The Sun.

Through its Irish subsidiary BWG Foods, South Africa’s Spar owns a number of Spar outlets in Ireland and the UK - but not in Birmingham.

Last year, an American waitress sued her employer for giving her a "toy Yoda" - a stuffed Baby Yoda toy - instead of a Toyota. She said the  restaurant promised a Toyota to the winner of a contest to sell the most beer to clients.

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