(Reddit South Africa)
(Reddit South Africa)
  • Checkers and Spar biscuits trended on Reddit when people mistakenly read their description as “giant ass”. 
  • One user was, however, quick to point out that “ass” is short for “assorted”. 
  • But not before others cracked a few jokes about the alternative meaning. 
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Checkers and Spar biscuits had people talking on social media, with some misreading the biscuits’ description as “giant ass”. 

A picture of a Spar biscuit display with the description “giant ass biscuits R7.49” was shared on social media platform Reddit on Thursday afternoon. 

“Spar emphasising how big their biscuits are,” the caption of the post read. 

Shortly after, a second post of Checkers gingerbread men was shared on Reddit with the description “B/asstd”. The caption read: “I see your Spar asses and raise you Checkers' bastards”. 

Within less than 24 hours, the two posts received over 400 upvotes, and become the two top trending posts on Reddit South Africa. 

One user was quick to point out that “ass” is short for “assorted”, while others made jokes about its alternative meaning. 

“I would eat Giant-Ass Biscuits, but I would never eat Giant Ass-Biscuits,” beefycheesyglory said. 

“Vredehoek Spar in Cape Town had "Kathy's Ass Cookies" for many months, it killed me everytime,” dubrovnique said. 

EtheCurious1 asked if they also have “ass-Burgers”.

“I once tried their Ass Pies. Better than I expected, tbh,” dancesLikeaRetard said. 

“I'm going to go buy a few. When someone asks me if I eat ass, I can finally say ': yes, the giant type,'" za_jx said.