Earn some extra cash by touring the UK's best Christmas markets.
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  • A UK company want to pay someone £50 (R945) an hour to visit at least 10 Christmas markets before Christmas Day for research.
  • The position of 'Christmas Fair Tester' requires you to observe what stalls are selling what, the equipment used, how they are marketing themselves, and write it up in a report with lots of pictures that you've taken.
  • As Christmas Fair Tester, you and a friend can attend markets in the British cities Manchester, Edinburgh, and Birmingham, and the company will "give you some pocket money so you can really enjoy yourselves."
  • Jasmine Eilfield, cofounder and CPO of ExpoCart, told Insider they are looking for a candidate "who has a big passion for Christmas markets."
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Get ready, Christmas fair fanatics, as the best job for the holiday season has just been found.

If drinking mulled wine and browsing tree trinkets under strings of twinkly lights has you filling up with Christmas cheer already, then how about getting paid £50 (R945) an hour for the pleasure?

An online exhibition platform in the UK, ExpoCart, is recruiting for a 'Christmas Fair Tester' from the public to visit at least three Christmas markets a week across British cities like Birmingham, Edinburgh, and London's Winter Wonderland before the big day.

The tester's objective is to study what types of stalls there are, how many, the signage that's being used, equipment, which vendors are selling at each market, and presumably soak up all that gingerbread-spiced atmosphere.

ExpoCart wants to pay the lucky candidate £50 (R945) an hour for their festive work, and they'll be required to write a 750-word report after every market visit and take plenty of high-quality photos.

With a degree of responsibility in the role to help with the company's Christmas market research, Jasmine Eilfield, cofounder and CPO of ExpoCart, spoke to Insider about the reason why it is hiring from the public.

"As we're experts in the exhibition space we wanted to get an external perspective, so a member of the public was a no-brainer as they can go in there with a fresh view as a consumer and with their findings this will help shape our core offering," she said.

Obviously, there are some caveats attached to this role. The first being that applicants must be 18 or over and have a full UK driving license.

The successful tester will only be paid £50 (R945) for one hour per fair (but is free to hang around for as long as they want eating lebkuchen afterwards) and must be available to attend at least 10 markets between Friday 6 and Tuesday 24 December 2019.

The other catch is that only travel expenses are covered for you and a friend by the company, but not accommodation.

However, ExpoCart has said it will also "give you some pocket money so you can really enjoy yourselves."

If this is ticking all of your Christmas boxes and you eat, sleep, and breathe festive spirit, simply apply by filling out this form.

For an edge on the competition, Eilfield described what ExpoCart is looking for in an ideal Christmas Fair Tester: "Firstly, someone who has a big passion for Christmas markets and secondly a keen eye for detail, an inquisitive nature so they are able to discover the best Christmas market offerings and services.

"They'll also need to be able to write descriptively and be able to take amazing photos!" she told Insider.

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