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An Instagram booster, costing roughly R90 a week, can double the amount of "likes" on an Instagram post within minutes. 

But you run the risk of having dodgy comments and followers on Instagram, or even having your account suspended

Instagram bots have long been a part of the photo-sharing platform. In 2014 the service started deleting up to 10 million bots, which created widespread panic

At the time singer Justin Bieber lost nearly 15% - more than 3.5 million - of his 20 million followers.

Business Insider South Africa's James de Villiers tested two Instagram boosters to see how they work.

We tried RoboLike.com and BestInstaLikes.com which both offer a four-day trial. After that Robolike.com will cost you $9 (roughly R108) per week and robolike.com $7.77 (roughly R93) per month. 

Before I registered I had 977 followers on Instagram and my like-count averaged at about 100. 

Ten minutes after registering with an 'Instagram booster' some of my posts doubled in likes, and in some cases tripled in the number of likes. 

Most 'likes' came from 'private' accounts or accounts with descriptions in Mandarin which had few followers but followed hundreds of other accounts. 

The likes dried up after 30 minutes, but every hour after registering a few likes were added to an Instagram post. 

The only drawback was that while 'likes' increased, there was no follower or engagement boost. 

My account was luckily not suspended and the services appeared to work as promised. 

Business Insider South Africa will be testing the services the week ahead. 

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