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  • Seattle Coffee has slashed its cappuccino, cafe latte and hot chocolate prices to celebrate its 21st birthday.
  • The South African company said the prices are from 1997, when it first opened its doors.
  • Seattle also introduced a special 1997 inspired coffee sleeve to celebrate its birthday.

Seattle Coffee - with over 85 outlets across South Africa - is selling cappuccinos, lattes and hot chocolates for only R6,95 on Wednesday to celebrate its 21st birthday.

An Americano is selling for R5.95 and a caffe mocha for R8.95.

The South African company believes the prices are “straight outta 1997” when it first opened its doors in Cavendish Square, Cape Town.

Seattle cappuccino and latte prices typically start at R24.50 at Seattle, hot chocolate at R29, an Americano at R21,50 and caffe mocha R30.

This means consumers will save more than 70% today.

The special 1997-inspired coffee sleave Seattle is using to celebrate its birthday (Instagram, @seattlecoffeeco)

Seattle Coffee was voted the second-best take away coffee by a Business Insider South Africa panel in March.

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Seattle also introduced a special 1997 inspired sleeve to celebrate its birthday.

On social media, its clients had a lot of love for Seattle.

“A little Seattle saved us after big night out,” Carol-Ann Milne commented.

Janice Erasmus said: Whenever the family needs to reach consensus it's our place to meet.”

Hannelie Clark Lohann commented that after the Knysna fires in 2017, she stopped at a Seattle for her ritual cofeee.

“The barista's first question was: Are you okay, is your house standing?,” Lohann said. “For some reason, that particular cup of coffee will stand out in my mind forever.” 

Siziphiwe Sigila said “I used to say "I'm not a coffee person" till one day my boss bought me a Seattle.”

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