• The General Household Survey 2018 by Stats SA found that more than 35% of South Africans own a house.
  • Women are more likely to own their dwellings. 
  • The survey found, among other results, that one in five households had a pension. 
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The General Household Survey 2018, released on Tuesday by Statistics SA, found that 35.3% of South African households own a dwelling, and 5.4% own land. 

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Some 18.3% of dwellings owned by households is owned by one person, while 17% is jointly owned. 

Regarding land, 2.3% of South African individuals own land, while 3.1% are joint owners.  

The report did not explain whether land refers to unoccupied property, farms or other private property.  

The survey also found that 5.5% of men owned land compared to 5.4% women of women, but 37.6% of women owned dwellings compared to 32.8% of men. 

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More than one in five South African households (22%) had a pension, and 29.7% had an investment account. 

Some 66.8% of South African households reported having a bank account.

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Men were more likely to have a pension (25.6%) than women (18.9%), and more likely to have a bank account (67.9%) than women (65.9%). 

By contrast, ownership of informal savings (such as stokvels) was more common amongst women (18.1%) than men (10.3%). 

The survey was compiled through face-to-face interviews with 21,908 households across the country’s nine provinces between January and December 2018.