Heavy floods hit Gauteng . Photo SA Weather Service - @SAWeatherServic
  • Heavy rain hit parts of the country today with flooding reported in many areas.
  • The heavy rainfall is slowly expected to start clearing from the west from late morning.
  • As the heavy rain continues to persist, thousands of South Africans took to twitter to document the damage.

Roads were completely flooded in Thokoza, 27 kilometres south of Johannesburg. 

Benoni Lake broke its banks – flooding a steamboat-themed mall.

Homes were flooded near Pretoria.

Some South Africans went out of their way to clear blocked roads.

This man pulled a tree off the road with his bakkie to create way for motorists.

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The governement even issued notices about what to do in a flash flood. 

Photo: South African Government? @GovernmentZA

Meanwhile, some were doing the math and thinking of Cape Town.

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