This seems dangerous.
  • Twitter user Sarah Schauer asked her followers to "reply with the worst design/architecture picture you have."
  • Many responded with pictures of poorly designed bathrooms that don't seem functional.
  • Some chose to post pictures of oddly placed appliances they've had in their homes.
  • Other pictures include a dangerously placed children's slide, an inaccessible seating area, and a bizarrely built handrail.
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Some architectural designs don't always go exactly according to plan, and Twitter users are coming together to point out some of the most hilarious architectural failures in their neighborhoods.

It all started when Sarah Schauer of California asked her Twitter followers to "reply with the worst design/architecture picture you have."

In response, the Tweet was flooded with hysterical pictures of design fails. Most responses highlighted terribly designed bathrooms.

While some of those bathrooms may be difficult to use, these landings are even harder to access.

Meanwhile, some chose to focus on appliances that are questionably placed in their homes.

Every post is laugh-out-loud funny, leading many to wonder how some of these monstrosities were even built.

"I challenge you to find something worse," said Twitter user @justjamiie about a bunk bed that's bunk bed on top and bathtub on the bottom.

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