The 4 funniest 'miracle water' videos in South Africa right now - including one from the German embassy

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The #Woolieswaterchallenge has gone viral, with thousands of South Africans sharing how Woolworth’s water changed their accents.

The challenge has been trending on social media since Tuesday, when a video of students who claimed that Woolworths water had “special powers” went viral.

Watch: Students claim Woolies water can change your accent - and even the company is impressed

In the video, the group’s accents drastically changed after they took a sip of the water, which apparently caused them to use words like “metamorphosis”, “photosynthesis” and “amalgamate”.

Since then, South Africans have tried to replicate the challenge.   

Even the German ambassador to South Africa, Martin Schäfer, took to Woolworths’ water to change his accent.

Business Insider South Africa looked at some of the funniest #Woolieswaterchallenge videos currently online.

Want to speak XiTsonga, drink Spar water

“So everybody has been going on about this Woolworths’ water, how it changes your accent. Like it just gives you this amalgamated accent so I thought let me introduce a new brand,” a user claims in the video released on Tuesday afternoon.

“I introduce to you Spar water.” Within seconds of taking a sip, she starts speaking XiTsonga.

"Hayayaya! Hayi! Hayayaya! He mhane, se ndzi vulavula XiTsonga, mhane! Mati lawa ya ka Spar ya nandzika, heh! He mhane! Na khensa Spar. Inkomu Spar. Na khensa. Ahe,” which roughly translates to: “I can now speak XiTsonga. This water is nice, hey! ... Thank you Spar. Thank you. Ahe!”

It’s been viewed over 110,000 times on Facebook.

Woolworths’ milk also works

Two users decided to see if Woolworths’ milk would also do the trick.

“Heh guys, hayi niyasimosha maan, siphuma kwa Woolworths, nenja yam sizokhangela lamanzi,” one of the men said which translates to: “You guys are ruining things, we just left Woolworths, we were looking for water”

“But si-decide-e ba lewey masiyi-try-ishe ngebisi nenja yam, inja yam iphethe ubisi lwayo, nam ndiphethe eyam imilk (But my friend and I have decided to try it with milk. My friend has his milk, I’ve got mine too),” the men said.

“We want to see ba leEnglish ipopa kwamanzi akwaWoolworths qha or if everything or everybody yakwa Woolworths (We want to see if the English comes out with the water or in everything or everyone from Woolworths).”

Seconds after taking a sip, the men’s accents change. “Yesus boet - surprising! I didn’t think it would work.”

“It just ran down my spine with blistering pace.” They proceeded to use words such as “Pythagoras”, “decorum” and “trigonometry”.

The Germans gave it a try

In a video published on Wednesday, Martin Schäfer, German ambassador to South Africa, says he is thirsty.

One of his assistants proceeds to hand him a bottle Woolworths’ water, saying “this is the magic water I’ve told you about.”

After taking a sip, the ambassador says “Ngikhuluma isiZulu” which means “ I speak Zulu”.

Try Woolworths’ maas milk

Otto de Vries tried Woolworths’ maas milk, also known as amasi, after being challenged by his friends.

He takes a sip of the drink, and proceeds to start singing and speaking in isiZulu, proclaiming that he has now been ‘transformed’ into being Zulu.

“The maas is delicious, it’s amazing, it makes you strong and most of all, blesses you,” he says in isiZulu.

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