12 of the weirdest OneDayOnly deals we found - including a fat freezer and truly unsexy garters

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  • OneDayOnly, first launched in 2010, was the country's first daily sales site and has mastered the art of the dramatic, soon-to-disappear deal.
  • It also has something to offer for those with a taste of the absurd, and Business Insider SA has listed some of the most weird products on offer in recent months.
  • These include a fat freezer and a  giant enter key for angry computer users.
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The success of OneDayOnly, the country’s first daily deals site, has shaken up South African online retail since its launch in 2010, with other large sellers now also offering a similar concept.

No-one does it quite like OneDayOnly, though: with its ticking countdown clock, lunchtime one-hour deals and witty sales pitches, it has mastered the dramatic, soon-to-disappear deal. 

Over the years, it – along with other retailers, including Takealot - has faced some scrutiny over whether some of its deals are quite so deeply discounted as advertised.

Still, it has remained a firm favourite with bargain-hunters and companies who are looking for a launchpad to introduce new products in the local market.

It also has something to offer for those with a taste for the absurd: it has featured some truly spectacularly weird products over the years.

Here are some of our recent favourites:

Wind tunnel for scared, wet dogs


This product is perfect for dogs who are scared of hairdryers, according to OneDayOnly. The quick-drying wind tunnel also reduces "wet dog odour".

Leg suspender shirt garters

You will never have to spend your day tucking in your shirt again, promises OneDayOnly. "Simply pull them over your legs and clip them onto your dress shirt and you are good to go."


Full-face snorkel diving mask

The snorkel is built into the mask and it requires no mouthpiece. It stays virtually fogless, because you have "full use of your nose for breathing".

A futuristic-looking braai fan-and-light combination

This product combines a 12 LED "light ring"" with fans to draw smoke away from your face. Nifty, but you may face light mockery from the tough guys around the fire.

A giant enter key for angry computer users

This cushiony type thing is apparently perfect for "computer rage".  "When the computer seizes up and all you can do while the rage is building up within you is to press the enter key really hard. Instead of messing up the keyboard, you turn to the Big Enter Key and then everything feels much better."

Cap washer

This will keep your cap's shape in the washing machine. Also, apparently, good for storing your cap when you travel.

A salt inhaler

This Himalayan crystal salt inhaler is a drug-free way to treat allergies, sinusitis and respiratory problems, states the marketing material. "Himalayan salt releases negative ions, which help to cleanse bacteria and allergens; the salt also has anti-inflammatory properties and works to moisturise dry mucous membranes."

Fat freezers

Punted as a "non-surgical alternative to liposuction", this product claims to use extremely low temperatures to freeze, destroy and dissolve fat cells on the treated area, in just one application.

Anti-snoring air purifier

This promises to be the "the most discrete, easy fit snore stopper" and is "near invisible". It has vents that supposedly provide effective dilation of the nostrils, which allows air to flow through easier.

Earwax remover

Typical cotton swabs can go too far into the ear canal and cause pain - while this product was designed to "go the perfect distance in the outer ear canal", according to OneDayOnly. "Simply twist the handle and the soft, flexible tip with spiral grooves easily removes the earwax."

Snore band

This piece of equipment "comfortably supports and closes your jaw while you sleep", supposedly preventing snoring.

Hair-building fibers

You are supposed to sprinkle this stuff on you head and "within a couple of minutes, you'll be on your merry way with a fuller, thicker looking head of hair". Cuvva Hair Building Fibers are made from high-quality, natural keratin protein - the same protein found in real human hair, according to the marketing material. "(This) allows them to resiliently, but undetectably, cling and blend to even the tiniest strands."

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