Watch: a French group with a small child narrowly escape a cheetah attack – in the Netherlands

Business Insider SA
  • A group of French tourists visited a safari park – in the Netherlands – and sauntered around despite a nearby group of cheetahs.
  • The cheetahs took notice of one small child in particular.
  • Visitors in a different car filmed the encounter that followed, showing just how close things came to disaster.

Newly posted video shows just how close a group of French tourists came to being mauled by cheetahs – in the Netherlands.

The footage was shot by a different and increasingly aghast group of visitors to the Beekse Bergen safari park just south of Tilburg. 

The tourists first get out of their car just metres from at least three full-grown cheetahs to move a carseat into their boot, then take photos of the nearby animals. 

They soon lose interest in the cheetahs and drive a little further away before getting out of their car again. The cheetahs, on the other hand, show a great deal of interest in the group, and things get close and personal.

Beekse Bergen manager Niels de Wildt told Dutch radio station NOS the group had been incredibly lucky, not least of all that the cheetahs are well fed.

Signs in various languages advise visitors not to get out of their vehicles.

Lawyer Fabian David told Business Insider Netherlands the park may have an obligation to not only draw up rules, but to ensure that they are enforced. Especially when people do not realise how dangerous cheetahs can be, or how fast they can move.

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