French chocolatier Jean-François Pré with his viral chocolates.
  • A French chocolatier has designed Easter eggs modeled after the novel coronavirus, Le Telegramme reported.
  • Jean-François Pré came up with the idea as a joke after being frustrated from constantly hearing about the spread of the virus.
  • Pré had sold four of the viral chocolates as of March 4.
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Some Easter eggs are better off left undiscovered.

A great chef is always pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the food realm but one chef has come up with a viral concoction that may make chocolate lovers think twice before indulging in the sweet treat.

French pastry chef and chocolatier Jean-François Pré recently showed off his newest creation, chocolate Easter eggs modeled after the novel coronavirus, according to Le Telegramme.

The chocolates can be found at Pré's shop in Landivisiau, ironically situated on Rue Louis Pasteur, a street named after the famed French microbiologist.

Take a look at the Easter eggs modeled after the potentially deadly virus that's spreading across the globe:

The Easter eggs consist of milk chocolate that's been painted black and red-coloured almonds for a crunchy exterior.

Source: Le Telegramme

The idea for the chocolates came from Jean-François Pré, a French pastry chef.

Source: Le Telegramme

Pré told French news outlet Le Telegramme in an interview that the idea came from his frustration with the issue. He created the Easter egg as a way to release the air out of the situation.

Source: Le Telegramme

"I'm a little tired of hearing about it," Pré said. "I tried to take it as a joke."

Source: Le Telegramme

The chocolate concoctions can be found proudly on display in Pré's shop in Western France and though sales haven't been going viral, the chocolatier had sold at least four as of March 4.

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