Get vaccinated and Wimpy will give you a free filter coffee

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Wimpy vaccination offer
  • Wimpy will now give you a free cup of coffee if you show proof of a Covid-19 vaccination.
  • You have to claim within 48 hours of getting the jab, and there are no substitutions.
  • Wimpy says it has always encouraged its customers to do the right thing, and now it "is hoping to create enthusiasm to curb the virus".
  • Some American and UK brands have strongly associated themselves with that country's vaccine drive, but their South African cousins have largely steered clear so far.
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If you get a Covid-19 vaccine, Wimpy will now give you a free coffee.

The ubiquitous fast-food chain launched the offer on the weekend, under the tagline "saying YAAAS to the future", across its more than 450 locations.

There are just a couple of simple conditions: you have to present your vaccination card, in person, within 48 hours of getting a jab, you can only claim once, and the offer is for a cup of filter coffee only, nothing else.

Wimpy has previously offered free cups of coffee on voting day, to those who could show their indelible ink stain after casting their ballots, most recently in 2019.

It normally sells coffee at 10 cents shy of R20 for a regular cup.

In a statement on Monday, Wimpy said it had always encouraged South Africans to do the right thing, and now it "is hoping to create enthusiasm to curb the virus and are rewarding our customers for saying YAAAS to the future by getting jabbed".

"We respect that everyone has the right and freedom to decide whether or not to get vaccinated, but we are rewarding those who are taking a stand in combating the Covid-19 pandemic,” said the company's marketing executive Jacques Cronje.

In other parts of the world, some business – especially those hardest hit by lockdown measures – have thrown their weight behind vaccination efforts with various freebies. 

Americans have been offered free beer, doughnuts, hot dogs, and cheesecake from names such as Budweiser and Krispy Kreme, and states are offering lotteries with big cash prizes. In the UK offers will soon include free food delivery and Uber rides, while the government works on free pizza and cinema shows to encourage young people to get the coronavirus inoculation.

South African brands have not been as vocal in their support of vaccination efforts, in the context of limited but loud complaints about the vaccine project – and what opponents fear will be a future of mandatory vaccination or at least limitations on those who refuse it – as an infringement of rights.

Wimpy described itself as one of the first SA brands to encourage vaccination in this way, and issued a challenge to other businesses to join in.

(Compiled by Phillip de Wet)

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