Whoppers find a home
  • We wrote an article Burger King didn't like, and it invited us over for a burger, using a newspaper ad
  • So we took Burger King up on the offer – on something of an industrial scale, thanks to some help from readers.
  • On Friday we organised the first of a series of weekly deliveries, which will total 1 020 burgers, to an organisation that helps vulnerable girl children in Johannesburg.
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On Friday The House Group, a non-profit organisation which cares for vulnerable girl children in Johannesburg, took delivery of the first consignment of what will total 1 020 Burger King Whoppers in coming months, as Business Insider South Africa redeems vouchers on something of an industrial scale.

A fresh set of Whoppers will be donated to the organisation's home in Cyrildene every Friday through March, April, and June.

They will be made as Burger King honours vouchers published in the Sunday Times in February, in response to our analysis of the profitability of its South African operations, based on numbers disclosed as its listed parent company sold it to a private equity investment group.

"Hey Phil, we love a good grilling. Come taste ours. Whenever," the ad reads before – somewhat foolishly – offering a voucher that never expires, as long as the right person presents it. Should a person with the right name collect, say, 30 000 such vouchers, that individual could live on two Whoppers a day for life.

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Business Insider SA solicited copies of the voucher from readers and colleagues – and quickly had, if not 30 000, then at least quite a few.

This week we started cashing in our vouchers.

We headed for the Burger King restaurant in Houghton for our free Whoppers.

Burger King Houghton

Our paperwork could feed a small army.

Burger King's

Sixty burgers will, it turns out, fill up much of a pickup counter...

Burger King bags

... when packed six to the bag, as we are told is fit and proper for larger orders.

Burger King Whoppers in a bag

Sixty burgers – properly packed – will also fill up much of the boot space of a sedan.

`A car boot full of Whoppers

But The House Group, which agreed to make good use of our free burgers, had no trouble finding room for them. 

Burger King delivery

Nor did the girls currently being supported by the organisation lack for burger-eating expertise.

Tomato sauce required

The proper way to eat a Burger King Whopper, we are informed, is to open it up and add extra tomato sauce on top of the tomato slices. (Or, as one schismatic group would have it, mayonnaise.)

Our thanks to everyone who got involved in this project: our delivery partner Zulzi, those who helped gather and process vouchers, and Burger King South Africa, for being good sports – and having a sense of humour about critical reporting in the first place.

The House Group can use your help. Here's how.

The House Group can always make good use of a wide range of donations. A cash contribution of R1 000 per month can help fill many gaps, or you can contribute food, which never goes to waste. The organisation is just about always in need of linen and duvets, towels, and basic toiletries. You can also volunteer your time to do anything from help with homework to running a dance class.

Please see the House Group's website for all the details.

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