Cape Town-based BA pilot has admitted to trying to fly a passenger jet while drunk

Business Insider SA
  • Julian Monaghan was arrested aboard a British Airways flight in January, which was scheduled to fly from London to Mauritius.
  • On Wednesday, he pleaded guilty for trying to fly the plane while four times over the legal alcohol limit.
  • Monaghan was based in Cape Town.

A former British Airways commercial pilot has pleaded guilty for trying to fly a passenger jet full of people on a long-haul trip to Mauritius while more than four times over the legal alcohol limit, AP reports.

In January, Julian Monaghan, 49, was arrested on the deck of an evening flight from London to Mauritius after police believed he was going to try to fly the plane while over the legal limit. 

Monaghan — who is no longer employed by British Airways — was scheduled to pilot the Boeing 777 out of Gatwick airport on an 8:45 p.m. flight when he was arrested. He was one of three pilots on board for the 12-hour journey.

His case was heard in Crawley, southern England on Wednesday. He will be sentenced later this month.

Monaghan worked for British Airways from South Africa, and lived in Cape Town. The Daily Mail published a picture of Monaghan out drinking in the city

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