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  • FNB said its online banking systems has returned to normal after experiencing outages on Tuesday morning.
  • Downdetector.co.za said the outage started shortly after 11:00. 
  • Users turned to Twitter to complain that they were unable to complete transactions or make payments. 
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  • First National Bank (FNB) said its online banking services are fully operational after experiencing outages on Tuesday morning. 

    According to Downdetector.co.za, problems with FNB’s online applications started shortly after 11:00.

    (screenshot, downdetector.co.za)
    (screenshot, downdetector.co.za)
    (screenshot, downdetector.co.za)
    (screenshot, downdetector.co.za)

    FNB Digital’s Kevin Mitchell apologised to customers for the intermittent issues that impacted the bank’s service. He did not explain what caused the outage.

    Business Insider previously reported that it appeared that only FNB’s android and iOS banking application was affected by the outage, with the application giving a “system currently unavailable” message. 

    (screenshot, FNB app)
    (screenshot, FNB app)

    On Twitter, however, users reported having issues with FNB’s desktop website as well. 

    Responding to consumers who reported issues on Tuesday morning, FNB’s @Rbjacobs apologised for the difficulties caused and said the bank’s tech team were looking into the issue. 

    @Rbjacobs encouraged users to use the cellphone banking application instead, despite it also being down. 

    Several users reported being unable to complete transactions due to the outage. 

    * This story has been updated with comment from FNB that its services has been restored.