A fly hangs out on Vice President Mike Pence's head.
  • A fly sat on US vice president Mike Pence's head for about a minute as he debated Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris. 
  • They clashed on various topics, but particularly on the Trump's administration's reaction to the coronavirus.
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A massive fly landed on Vice President Mike Pence's head during Wednesday night's vice presidential debate.

The fly sat on the vice president's head for about a minute as he debated Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris. 

They clashed from the start of the debate, with Harris criticizing the Trump administration's "ineptitude" and the vice president telling her to "stop playing politics with people's lives."

When Harris, former vice president Joe Biden's running mate, was asked by moderator Susan Page about how a Biden administration would handle the pandemic, she didn't pull any punches.

"The American people have witnessed what is the greatest failure of any presidential administration in the history of our country," Harris said. "And here are the facts...210,000 dead people in our country in just the last several months...1 in 5 businesses are closed. We're looking at frontline workers who have been treated like sacrificial workers."

Harris then accused the administration of trying to conceal the truth about the coronavirus.

"On January 28, the vice president and President Trump were informed that it was lethal in consequence...that it airborne...that it will affect young people," she said. "They knew what was happening and they did not tell you. They knew and they covered it up. The president said it was a hoax. In spite of all of that, they still don't have a plan."

She said that a Biden administration would offer contact tracing, testing, and a vaccine that would be free to American citizens.

She added: "Frankly, [the Trump] administration has forfeited their right to reelection based on this."

When asked why the country's death toll was higher than other countries, Pence said that Trump has always been committed to the safety of Americans and referenced Trump decision to limit travel to and from China early on in the pandemic.

"Our nation has gone through a very challenging time," Pence said. "Before there were more than five cases in the US, all people who had returned from China...President Trump did what no other American president has ever done, and he suspended all travel from China, the second largest economy in the world."

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