Visitors would be able to see what's going on inside the farm.
Courtesy of Goldsmith
  • A floating poultry farm designed to house 7,000 hens is coming to Merwehaven, Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, according to its designer, the Goldsmith architecture company.
  • According to a press release shared with Insider, the walls of the planned farm would be made of a combination of glass and translucent polycarbonate panels to allow visitors a peek inside the building.
  • Other than egg-laying hens, the farm would have space for growing vegetables and herbs using LED lights, according to the press release.
  • Goldsmith.Company's design shows an air system within the farm designed to reduce emissions of poultry dust and nitrogen.
  • The press release also confirmed plans for chicken manure to be dried into fertilizer.
  • The farm, which is in its final design stage according to the architecture firm's website, is part of a larger project of floating agriculture systems in the port of the Merwe-Vierhaven that already includes a dairy farm.
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The planned floating poultry farm is in its final design stage.
Courtesy of Goldsmith.Company

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