• Printer issues are universal headaches - the ink is expensive, the paper gets jammed, and the Wifi doesn't work.
  • In fact, according to Consumer Reports, 75% of home printers are thrown away within a few years of purchase.
  • We spoke to printer whiz Tercius Bufete, who's an associate editor at Consumer Reports. He has some ideas that should relieve our printer woes.

People everywhere have problems with their printers. Whether its run out of paper, or the Wifi doesn't work, or the ink is too expensive.   Within a few years of purchase, 75% of printers are thrown away.

Tercius Bufete, associate editor at Consumer Reports, has reviewed hundreds of printers and believes there's a few things we can do to solve our problems.

Why is ink so expensive? It's because of what's called the razor and blades model. Companies will sell you a cheap printer, the razor, with the expectation that you will continue to buy the ink, the blade, to keep up the cost of the technology.   

A cheaper alternative is to buy EcoTank or reservoir-type printer. Instead of expensive ink cartridges they use small refillable ink bottles. The bottles can last up to two years. In the meantime, make sure you're printing at least a couple pages a week. This ensures that your ink cartridges won't dry up

To avoid Wifi issues bring the printer closer to your router, instead of hiding it out of sight. 

Its the weight and texture of your printer paper that often causes jams. 

If you are looking to buy a new printer you should look at what you want to use the printer for.  

"So there are two major types of printers. And when you have to choose between them, you really have to think about your needs. Inkjets are kind of really versatile. You can print photos. You can do your documents. They'll often be all-in-one, so you can scan and fax and copy. Lasers are a little bit more geared towards small businesses, so they really are great about texting cheap pages, but they kind of struggle when you wanna print photos," said Bufete. 

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