A still from video footage of a fight between American Airlines passengers on Monday.
  • Video footage shows a fight breaking out between two American Airlines passengers on board a plane bound from Las Vegas to Charlotte on Monday.
  • The airline said one passenger was asked to leave the plane because they would not comply with the airline's mask policy, and then ended up fighting with other passengers.
  • American's requires face coverings on its flights.
  • Like other major airlines, it has removed passengers who refused them without a medical exemption.
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A fight broke out on an American Airlines flight on Monday, which the airline says began after a passenger refused to wear a mask.

Footage of the incident — before takeoff on a service from Las Vegas, Nevada to Charlotte, North Carolina — was shared on Twitter by passenger Caryn Ross.

It shows two women wrestling in the aisles, at one point falling into a row of seats, while other passengers look on.

Ross shared the video with the comment: "So much for social distancing!"

You can watch the footage here:

An American Airlines spokesperson told Fox News that a passenger became disruptive after being asked to leave the plane for refusing to put on a mask.

"On Monday, a customer on American Airlines Flight 1665 with service from Las Vegas to Charlotte failed to comply with our mandatory face-covering policy after boarding the aircraft prior to departure.

"In accordance with our policy, the customer was subsequently asked to leave the aircraft and became disruptive, resulting in an altercation with other passengers."

Earlier reports said the fight may also have been related to seat assignments. Jack Ross, the wife of the passenger who filmed the fight, told the news organisation Storyful that this was the case, CTV News reported.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, American Airlines requires face masks to be worn on its planes, as do other US airlines.

Its policy says: "You're required to wear a face covering from the time you enter the airport where your trip begins until you leave the airport where your trip ends."

Passengers with a medical reason for not wearing a mask are exempt. Otherwise, the airline says it will refuse to fly them.

American has removed other passengers from flights for not wearing a mask.

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