FlySafair flights back on sale - and you can block the seat next to you for R750

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(Facebook, FlySafair)
(Facebook, FlySafair)
  • FlySafair has started to sell tickets for flights from Monday, June 15.
  • For a fee of R750, passengers can block the (middle) seat next to them.  
  • FlySafair has also introduced an additional "Covid-19 fee" of R20.
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For the first time in more than two months, FlySafair is selling tickets for domestic flights. 

Starting from Monday, June 15, the airline is flying between Cape Town and Johannesburg (tickets from R1,800), while there are also flights available between Johannesburg and Durban (from R917).

For passengers nervous about flying in the age of Covid-19, FlySafair is offering the option of "blocking" a middle seat for R750. This means that if you sit next to the aisle or window, you won't have someone sitting next to you.   

The "block seat" option available when you book through the FlySafair website.

FlySafair previously said all passengers will need to sanitise their hands and don a mask (which the airline will provide) before boarding. They’ll also be subjected to temperature checks  - and anyone who registers a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius or higher will be sent home.

The airline will clean planes with chemical sprays and wipes. In the evening, they’ll use electrostatic sprayers, which create charged droplets that adhere to surfaces

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Passengers will not be required to hand over an identity document to the check-in staff, and will self-scan themselves onto planes, preferably with digital boarding passes.

FlySafair is also pulling all physical copies of their previously heavily-recycled in-flight magazine from the seat pockets. There won't be any drinks and snacks, except for water, sold on board either - to avoid the back-and-forth of food and payments.

FlySafair will implement a mandatory R20 “Covid-19 fee” for all passengers who fly during the pandemic.This R20 will cover the temperature screening, hand sanitiser, face mask, and aircraft sanitisation practices.

Other available flights 

Airlink has local flights on sale between Cape Town and Joburg, and Joburg and Durban, with the first flights scheduled from this Monday, June 7. 

The first available domestic flights on Mango are from Monday 15 June, while there is some uncertainty about whether SAA can also take to the skies this month.

Comair, which operates kulula and British Airways in SA and entered business rescue (a version of bankruptcy protection) last month, will only start flying again in October or November.

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