Communal spaces will be built for the residents to fulfill needs without using a car.
  • A car-free development, by real estate developer Culdesac and architecture firm Optico, is being built in Arizona and will house 1,000 people.
  • All of the homes will be walking distance from amenities and community areas, such as grocery stores, bars, and bookable communal spaces.
  • The 16-acre (6-hectares) community includes 24,000 square feet (7,000 metre) of retail spaces.
  • It's slated to be finished in Fall 2020.
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Culdesac - working with architecture firm Optico - is creating the "world's first post-car development" that will be completed in the fall of next year.c

The neighbourhood - which won't have any parking for private cars - will be in Tempe, Arizona, which was chosen because of its growing number of jobs and population, and available land near a light rail station.

The only parking spaces will be for visitors and ridesharing. Instead of private cars, transportation options in the community will include: a shuttle bus, rideshare pick up areas, scooters, and a light rail station that can reach downtown Tempe, Phoenix, and an airport.

Keep scrolling to see what the neighbourhood will look like:

The project will cost about $140 million (R2 billion) and Culdesac has raised $10 million (R144 million) in venture capital funding.

"Starting next year, residents of Culdesac Tempe will be able to live life from their doorsteps, rather than seeing it through their windshields," Culdesac CEO Ryan Johnson said in a prepared statement. He claims the community is for the "post-car era."

The community will be completed in the fall of 2020.

"[Culdesac Tempe] is similar in character to a Greek, Italian, or French historic village with irregular, narrow meandering paseos, a hierarchy of public spaces, and thoughtfully placed buildings and building elements that deliver a sense of discovery as you make your way through the project," Opticos wrote on its website.

Culdasec claims to be the first company to ever plan car-free communities and believes recent real estate designs have failed to keep up with changes in mobility, mainly the evolution beyond the constant need for cars.

"People are ready to leave their cars behind for the walkable and vibrant lifestyle that comes from living in a car-free neighbourhood," Culdesac COO Jeff Berens said in a statement.

The neighbourhood will accommodate 1,000 residents with 636 units and seven different types of residential buildings.

It's being built from the ground up and makes history as the first agreement between a city and a real estate developer to build a zero residential parking community, according to Culdesac, which will also serve as the property manager.

Culdesac claims that the 16-acre (6-hectares) community will have three times more green space than typical developments that are typically built around the parking lots.

Of the space, 24,000 square feet (7,000 metres) of land will be set aside for retail. There will also be ample courtyards and community areas, which will include gyms, pools, and bookable spaces.

Culdesac is now looking into more cities for a similar project, including Dallas, Denver, and Raleigh-Durham, according to the developer.

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