Finish Prime Minister Sanna Mirella Marin arrives for an EU Summit on July 17, 2020 in Brussels, Belgium.
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  • Finland's prime minister was out clubbing past 3am last weekend, according to local reports. 
  • Earlier, she was told an advisor tested positive for Covid-19, and she didn't need to quarantine. 
  • But later in the night she missed a text message saying she should avoid social interactions. 
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Finland Prime Minister Sanna Marin was out clubbing past 3am last weekend, hours after an advisor she had contact with tested positive for Covid-19, according to local reports. 

Finland's Sieska magazine reported on Wednesday that Marin, 36, was at the Butchers nightclub in the country's capital, Helsinki, on Saturday. 

Earlier in the evening, she was made aware via phone call that she was exposed to Covid-19 after her foreign minister tested positive for the virus, the Iltalehti news outlet reported on Tuesday. 

Marin told the outlet that she was instructed not to quarantine and that there would be no "special measures" taken because she was fully vaccinated. 

But Marin later missed a text message on her work phone — which was not with her for the evening — saying that she should actually avoid social interactions, the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper reported on Tuesday. 

On Sunday, Marin saw the message and immediately took a Covid-19 test, which came back negative, the BBC reported

Government officials are told by the Prime Minister's Office to avoid contact with others after receiving notice of an exposure, according to a screenshot of guidelines included in Iltalehti's report.

In a Facebook post, Marin said she didn't question the initial information she was given in the phone call because it was consistent with what's been told to her citizens, but she apologised for not isolating.

"I should have used better consideration on Saturday night... I'm really sorry," she said.

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