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A family found more than R9 million in cocaine on the beach during their vacation

Rosie Perper , Business Insider US
 Oct 09, 2019, 12:19 PM
A beach on Fripp Island in Beaufort County, South Carolina.
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  • A man and his family discovered 20 bricks of cocaine while on vacation in South Carolina.
  • According to the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office, the man stumbled upon a strange object near the shore and brought it home.
  • When he opened it, he discovered 20 kilograms of cocaine estimated to be worth $600,000 (R9 million).
  • Bricks of cocaine also washed around in Florida following Hurricane Dorian, which lashed the southeastern coast in September.
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A family discovered 20 bricks of cocaine on a beach while on vacation in South Carolina, estimated to be worth around $600,000 (R9 million) .

A man and his family were walking along the beach on Fripp Island, a popular tourist spot located near the state's border with Georgia, when he stumbled upon an object floating in the water, the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office said, according to NBC affiliate WMBF News.

According to police, the man retrieved the "large, dark object" from the water and transported it to the nearby vacation home where the man and his family were staying. When he opened the package, he saw several large bricks. He cut the bricks with a knife, revealing white powder.

Police say the man called authorities, who responded to the call at 11:56 p.m. on Sunday. When they arrived, they found a black rubbish bag torn open with 20 bricks of cocaine inside. Police estimate that the street value of the drug package was worth around $600,000 (R9 million).

According to ABC-affiliate WJCL, the bricks of cocaine weighed 20 kilograms in total.

Bricks of cocaine were also found at two Florida beaches in September, following Hurricane Dorian which pummeled the southeastern US coast.

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