Black Panther brought new and deserved respect to traditional Basotho blanket.

Locally manufactured blankets feature throughout the blockbuster, which has now earned more than $1 billion at the global box office. 

Most of the blankets used in the movie were manufactured by Randfontein-based Aranda Textiles. It holds the sole licence to manufacture the Seanamarena tribal blanket, which is owned by the Basotho Royal Family.

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Seanamarena means “to swear by the chiefs”, and the blankets typically feature traditional emblems including the mealie, which signifies wealth, health and fertility.

The blankets are almost entirely made of wool. 

The real-deal Seanamarena are for sale on Amazon, where they retail for $129 (R1 550).

However, they are competing with a number of other products attempting to cash in on Black Panther – one uglier than the other.

The Marvel Black Panther Tapestry Throw Blanket, which retails from $36.90 (R450).

The "Black Panther Style Cape Blanket Poncho", which is also described as a "Tribal Aztec Shawl". It retails for some $67 (R800).

(The Aztec were South American. Quite what they have to do with an African movie is anyone’s guess.)

Not in the market for a blanket? Then perhaps the Black Panther Style Tribal Bag, $68 (R820).

Or the Black Panther Style Arm Warmers, for $19.79 (R240).

(Because arm warmers are a thing in Africa, right?)

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