• The first Lego-certified store in Africa is due to open in Sandton City this weekend.
  • It will feature some exclusive, high-end Lego sets not officially available elsewhere.
  • These are the ten most expensive Lego sets the new store will sell.

On Saturday, a Lego-certified store is due to open in Sandton, Johannesburg, after years of lobbying by local company Great Yellow Brick Co.

Lego has such stores in 20 other countries, but none yet anywhere in Africa.

The store will target, among others, adult collectors willing to spend big money on huge sets, some exclusively available through formal channels.

These are the ten most expensive sets the store will sell on launch, ranked by price.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon: R14,000


7,500 pieces, 84cm long, and details that include a "stud-firing bowcaster" for Chewbacca. 

Star Wars Death Star: R8,500


More than 4,000 pieces, 40cm on a side, plus Han Solo and Luke Skywalker in disguises.

Bugatti Chiron: R6,250


Developed with Bugatti to "capture the essence of the quintessential super sports car", it has an active rear wing, a unique serial number, and a Bugatti overnight bag in the boot.

Mindstorms EV3: R5,900


It walks and talks, though Lego's claim that it also thinks seems, mercifully, to be hyperbole.

The Disney Castle: R5,700


A detailed replica of the Cinderella Castle at Disney Word, complete with a glass slipper.

Taj Mahal: R5,700


Break down into seven convenient pieces for transport – and stands 43cm high when completed.

Ninjago City: R5,200


The vertical city has a restaurant where you can grill crabs, a cash-dispensing ATM, and comes with a fishing boat.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS: R5,000


Every door opens – and the pistons in the flat six engine move.

Roller Coaster: R4,700


The ride has a fully functional chain-lift. Sadly it is manual – unless you upgrade it with optional extras, in which case you will have a working, motorised roller coaster.

The Joker Manor: R4,300


Put a mini-figure on the top of The Joker head, trip the trapdoor, and it will tumble down and slide out through the mouth.

* This article was first published on 27 June. It was updated on 26 July.

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